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Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Ski Helmet

Skiing whether it is a recreational activity or racing activity both bring many fun and advantage for skier. One of the things that make ski fun is that it is very challenging and requires a lot of courage to be able to conquer a skiing area. As it suggests, skiing can be very dangerous too. In order to enjoy the game, you need to equip yourself with all the best protective gear such as ski helmets . These will help you to protect your head as well as your face in case accident happens.

Although you may know quite well about the importance of wearing a helmet, you may not know how to pick the one that is the most suitable for you. This article here will help you with some basic steps of choosing a ski helmet as there are many things to consider when you go out and buy one.

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Choosing the Right Fishing Tackle Box

The goal of every fisherman is to have the correct tackle or perfect lure, at the precise moment in time when they are needed. Unfortunately, most of us were not born with a built-in pouch the size of a kangaroo in which to transport our special “tools of Bass destruction.”

There have been many great inventions throughout time; automobiles, airplanes, Oreos, but most pale in comparison to the development of the fishing tackle box. Those who have never given a nickname to their tackle box may not understand the bond which exists between us.

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Choosing the right box

Choosing the best tackle box for your individual needs is as subjective as adopting a puppy or a kitten. The type of box you pick should be dictated by the style of fishing you do, the potential frequency for use of each item and the scenario in which you are implementing them. Large and difficult to handle boxes are not likely to be used for fishing on foot or tubing and should be reserved for stationary use.

There are many different options available to best suit your needs. For an “all purpose”, hard plastic tackle box with multiple trays, you can either pick them up at pro shops or even discount stores. Whether you choose BASS PRO or Walmart the key is versatility and durability. Read More

Complete Camping Checklist


To ensure that you have a nice and comfortable stay when being with your loving ones, here is a complete checklist of all the things that you need to bring. This list comes from my own experiences.

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Ten Simple Camping Safety Tips You Should Know About

Camping equates to fun and adventure while having the chance to learn and appreciate nature more. In itself, camping is a relaxing and fun recreational activity. And many people consider camping as in integral part of some other rigorous outdoor sport.

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Camping is quite safe. However, you must observe certain simple but important rules to make camping a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Fishing Asp on A Float

Catch asp to float rod – it is not transmitted intensity of emotions. Such a dose of adrenaline can be obtained only at catching asp on the float. Asp very strong fish, which even his body structure like shows that it is designed for high speed and jerks that easily catches up with his victim, as well as breaks and breaks tackles underestimated him anglers.

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The site I wrote a general article about catching asp, which are written the basic nuances of and features of catching this fish, as well as tackle and bait for it, and a lot of other useful information. But I would like to describe in detail the moments of catching asp each tackle separately and would like to start with just catching on float rod. Let’s look at all the important moments of such fishing.

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Fishing Asp – When, Gear, and How to catch Asp

When catching asp

The best time asp bite course is post spawning since the beginning of June and right up to the end of August. Especially good asp bite during this period after sunrise and the whole day.It is worth noting that the chub caught only in the daytime, at night it is inactive.

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Asp It feeds by some accounts for about 3-4 times a day, but according to other sources asp does not cease to eat throughout the day, as he, unlike the pike, basically no waiting in ambush prey, and vice versa, and it is actively seeking to hunt for Malcolm to overcome decent distance per day. This way of life requires a lot of energy, from which the view that the asp fed only 3-4 times a day, can be questioned. Is that every time this lasts a few hours.

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Fishing Asp

Fishing asp – this is a very laborious task. Not every angler possess the ability to catch this strong, large, but very cautious fish.

Meets unconfirmed information that met chub weighing up to 20 kg! It is real, but we are going to build on the proven data that maximum weight is 12 kg asp, but basically, the largest asp rarely rolled over 8 kg.

Fishing Asp
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Asp – fish of the carp family, and the strength of this fish confirmation. Fish chub, which has appeared on the hook, is able to give a real battle and the angler who will win depends on the skill of fishing tackle and reliability. This article will help you understand the features of catching asp may give something new and interesting to experienced anglers and hunters asp and most importantly, be helpful to the novice angler, who is just trying to learn how to catch asp. In order to catch asp, you need to know some of the nuances of catching this fish. Some of them are key and are of great importance for fishing asp, others are not so important, but also useful. Let us examine those and those in the descending order of importance.

  • Where to catch asp
  • When catching asp
  • On that catch asp
  • Gear for asp

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